Speakeasy Cocktails For iPad: Learn How To Make A Real Drink

Speakeasy Cocktails For iPad: Learn How To Make A Real Drink

I’ve been on a cocktail tip lately where all I want to drink is these fancy (and expensive!) cocktails that take a whole lotta ingredients, meticulous management, violent shaking and some tender love and care to make. I never imagined myself making them at home but with Speakeasy Cocktails teaching me, I just might.

What’s it do?

It’s a cocktails recipe book app that will transform the way you see, judge and drink cocktails. There ain’t no vodka red bulls or jack and coke in this app BRO, this is all about cocktails the way they were meant to be made. And because it’s one of those book/app blends, there’s a consistent narrative to the app, the chapters are set up to teach you the basics first and then branch out to show you each alcohol’s different recipes. And even though there’s a boatload of information (hundreds of recipes, videos and graphics) that covers every little detail (the minute details of ice, barware, etc), it doesn’t seem overwhelming because it’s seamlessly interactive — there’s pop up overlays within each page and smart links that illustrate what you need to be doing.

Why do we like it?

It’s the videos! There’s a clear difference between learning how to do something by reading and learning how to do something by watching somebody do it first. The theme of the app revolves around the current “speakeasy” craze where people create artisanal cocktails and it’s written by two premier mixologists (behind New York’s favourite cocktail joints like PDT, Little Branch, Milk & Honey, etc.) so you know you’re getting outstanding advice on how to fix a drink. It’s expensive, yes, but the $10.49 you spend is actually investment into better drinking (and thus better living). Think of it as the best cocktail recipe book you can find.

Speakeasy Cocktails

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