Sound Epic For iPhone: Music Sounds Better When It's Slowed Down

Did you know music sounds much more awesome and epic when you slow it down and elongate every instrument, note and vocal? Yeah you already do. This app turns all your music into that Justin Bieber song that was slowed down 800 times (OK this app only slows down songs 2-16x). But still.

What's it do?

Ostensibly, it's a music player but the magic of Sound Epic is that it customises your music library into this magical, hypnotic and almost natural song. Their tagline is that a three-minute pop song is transformed into an hour-long electronic symphony masterpiece. And that's exactly it, you feel enveloped by soul squeezing sounds. I just listened to the Chilli Peppers slowed down by eight times and the whole song warped me into this dream-like, euphoric state straight ouf of Gondry's brain.

Why do we like it?

I cannot stress this enough. You think you know a song, you listened to it thousands of time already but hearing it at a slowed-down speed? It opens your brain up. It's like turning yourself onto drugs and getting high for the first time, the whole world is different, what used to be just normal is now awesome and what was already awesome is psychedelically tectonic plate shifting. The app is free too, so there's absolutely no excuse to not try Sound Epic. It's not for everyday use but this app is magic. You can record your own music too.

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