Sony Gifts Identity Theft Protection Post PSN Hack

After the PlayStation Network was hacked earlier this year, Sony tried to welcome back users with free games. They've now extended the apology by offering a year's free access to CSIdentity's identity protection services, including CyberAgent Internet Surveillance. Here's the email they're sending out:

Australian PSN members (including myself) started receiving the emails this week. You'll need to be over 18, and have had an active PSN account on the 20th of April 2011. All up, about 1.5M Aussie accounts were potentially breached, some of which had credit card and Qriocity logins attached.

CSIdentity claims to "scour the dark side of the Internet for unauthorized use of your identity." They provide 24/7 monitoring of criminal web pages, chat rooms, sharing sites, etc to monitor your identity and credit details. You can find out more info at []

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