Snow Peak Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle Lightning Review: Keeps Drinks Cold (Or Hot) Forever

Y'all know my feelings on "Great" Outdoors. But were I to lose my shit and decide to go backpacking, I'd bring the Titanium 350 Kanpai to keep my Hot Toddy toasty for up to six hours (or until I get drunk and go home).


I was impressed, like really impressed, with how well it performed. I dropped a cold can of coke in at 9am when I left my house and drove though 90-degree weather into the Sierras. It was just as cold five hours later when I took the lid off (and that includes the two hours I forgot it on the front porch). It performed just as well with hot liquids — the cup of coffee I poured in at 7am was still steaming at noon. It comes with three separate lids — cold, hot, and sippy — which gives me flexibility in how I employ it throughout the day. I honestly did not expect something that weighs just over a half pound (including the heaviest lid) to work this well.

No Like

Sure, it's half the weight of the stainless steel version, though at $US160, it's more than double the price. That's right, the Titanium 350 Kanpai is a $US160 thermos. The lids are confusing unless you've read the manual — there's nothing to distinguish the cooling lid with a white cap and black body from the insulated lid with a black cap and white body if you don't already know which is which.


It's really good at what it does but damn — $160. That's a steep price to pay unless you absolutely need to save weight.

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