Snoozerr Links Lectures To Pictures

Most of the time when you record lectures, you're limited to audio only. Unfortunately, audio is only half the story. You're missing out on all the charts and pictures. Snoozerr wants to fix that by integrating photos into the recording.

Upon first glance, Snoozerr looks the same as every other audio recorder out there, but then you see the camera button and it all makes sense. The app gives you the ability to take pictures while recording audio which is cool in and of itself, but what's even more useful is the way it's played back. Every picture you take is automatically timestamped and linked to the moment it was captured in the audio track. Then when you play the recording, you can easily synchronise your photo viewing with the timing of the lecture. Thus you can get all the context you need to recreate the entire lecture, visuals and all.

I can already see myself using an app like this come next semester, but ironically, you can't actually be "snoozing" while you use it. After all, someone has to press the shutter button. However, if you could set it to take a picture every 20 seconds or so while you catch some extra Zs, then it could truly put an end to losing from snoozing. Until then, the old saying still holds true. $0.99 on iTunes.

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