Slingshot Madman Unleashes Vampire Stake On Raw Flesh

The request line is open on bald t-shirted madman Joerg Sprave's Slingshot Channel, and apparently the one thing you've wanted to see more of is razor-sharp blades slicing through frozen chunks of meat. Thank god.

It's mostly a victor tour for our favourite vaguely European death carpenter, a welcome review of some greatest hits (slingshot guillotine!). And while I'd love to crack open a hearty mead with Joerg, I have to confess that I got unduly nervous when I saw all those kitties walking around. Nervous, and titillated and the idea of seeing how Cougar did against a moving target. [YouTube]


    Hmmm, I could use one of those bad boys for the neighbour hood cats...! #]

    Buffy 2.0

    I swear reading gizmodo is as good as having a subscription to this guys channel.

    This guy is slowly acting out his progressively more bold and gruesome weapon and target practice fantasies. It shouldn't be to long before he is uploading a video of him testing out his newly built chainsaw launching slingshot on some live bound and gagged backpackers.

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