Shooting Challenge: 4 Office Workspace Shots

Shooting Challenge: 4 Office Workspace Shots

I’m a bit sad that we didn’t get more entries for this week’s shooting challenge, especially since it’s a much easier topic — at least compared to the last one! Here are three reader-submitted shots and a peek into our own workspaces here at Gizmodo Australia.

If you want to show us your office workspace, feel free to link to it in the comments and we’ll add it to the post. And don’t forget to click on the photos to see a bigger version.

Nathan Reed

This shot of our new office was taken with an iPhone 4.0 in Video mode. The photo was extracted from the video using Microsoft ICE, by using the Video Panorama option. I am a software developer who spends most of the day staring into a monitor… and reading too much Gizmodo.

Mark Roberallen

I was working (reading gizmodo) in the back room of my gallery cafe when i saw this week’s shooting challenge so i stepped back and snapped this shot with my old iphone 3GS on normal settings. The back room area of my workspace serves as a work bench, accounts desk, store room and print making area for my shop which showcases local up and coming artists. It may be small but i have everything i need in my reach.

Paul Lowe

Born in England, travelled and lived on the road, without a home base, for 45 years, I now have a home in Australia. In the hills halfway up/down on the east coast.

I was a public speaker and writer. Now I write a newsletter to a 2,000 plus mailing list. What I write can also be viewed on my friends website.

Synopsis: Comments on what is going on in the world — as presented by the alternative media, and how to have fun and be happy — by discovering your potential. That sort of thing.

It works. I have fun, I am amazingly happy, and gratefulness for my life is delightful.


Elly Hart

I thought I’d add a pic of the Allure Media tech pod as part of this week’s shooting challenge. It’s not very interesting since we got rid of all the crap we had lying around, but it gives you a look into the kind of environment Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker staff in Australia work in. 🙂 Danny sits in the top right corner, Angus sits in the lower right corner, Mark sits in the lower left corner and I sit in the seat in the seat where the screen is turned on.