Shooting Challenge: 3 Childhood Photos Recreated As Adults

Shooting Challenge: 3 Childhood Photos Recreated As Adults

We know that this shooting challenge was more, uh, challenging than usual. As enthusiastic as we were, not even us editors could manage to pull something together. But we did receive three awesome reader entries, so get ready to get nostalgic.

Danny’s promised that the next shooting challenge won’t be so difficult, so keep an eye out for that announcement this week.

Click on each photo to see a larger version.

Oliver Hoffmann

I only just came across this week’s comp and I just had to share my photo, I did it a while back.

Equipment: Not sure what type of camera took the original picture, but the older version of myself was taken by a $99 Samsung. I Photoshopped the grown-up version of myself into the old photo, obviously the jacket was quite faded, so I had to do some colour tweaking to try and match it up.

Story: When I was six years old I was in Germany and a friend gave me this oversized jacket. This year I was going to Germany and was going to be visiting the friend that gave it to me, turns out my mum had kept the jacket for 20 years and that is me wearing the exact same jacket and beanie at age 26. I thought it made for a good present for the friend.

Colin Uhrich

When I was a kid at my grandpa’s farm 22 years ago my dad put my onto this trike and took this shot. It has been a favourite my entire life as I went out there a lot and finally got to drive it when I was 15. Trikes were a death trap and this shit didn’t have reverse, which is important when the only spot you were allowed to drive was around a dugout. Then after my grandpa died I wandered down to the farm to help my uncles on his land and the trike was still there. Using my new engineering skills I made that puppy run and it ran like a top, wheelies down the highway. I had to take this shot to go along with the first one. I will have to go again if I’m every near there again. You know, show up every 10 years and make sure it still purrs. I know its not an identical photo but its the thought that counts. Plus that first shot is priceless. I tried.

The old photo was taken with a 35mm SLR Canon. Old school.
The new one was taken with a Canon Powershot SX110, timer mode was used. DUH.

Because I’m currently travelling through SE Asia, I don’t have the full details on the photos so I had to steal them from my Skydrive. But I had to participate.


Simon Kim

I would have been about eight years old in this photo. No idea what the hell I was doing. I asked my mum and she said she has no idea either.

The old photo would have been taken in the mid ’90s with an old 35mm film camera. The latest photo was taken with a Canon IXUS point and shoot.