Secret Sauce Linking Xbox 360 Games And Windows Phone Is A QR Code

At a Seattle event, Microsoft demonstrated a way for Xbox 360 games like Kinectimals to share information with a Windows Phone handset. The connection uses a QR code that can be scanned both by the handset and the Kinect.

Supposedly easy enough that a child could use it, the sync requires you to take a scan a QR code to send game data to your phone. Once done, you can easily sync the data back to the console by generating another QR code that is read by the Kinect accessory.

It's a little cumbersome to have to rely on a QR code, but this is just the first step in bringing the mobile phone and console together. Hopefully, this process can be automated so the transfer is done on the fly with no user intervention. [GeekWire via The Next Web]

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