Samuel Jackson Sues Infotrack For Calling Him A Sex Offender

Samuel D. Jackson is suing the background check company Infotrack Information Services for confusing him with Samuel L. Jackson. Not Snakes on a Plane Samuel L. Jackson, the other one — you know, the sex offender.

According the the lawsuit, Samuel D. Jackson was only four years old in 1987 when the felonious Jackson was convicted of rape in Virginia. And when he contacted the company to resolve the mix-up, a service representative allegedly disclosed that "the company's consumer reports frequently contain inaccurate sex offender information when the consumer has a common first and last name and that consumers frequently complain about the problem". The complaint asserts that middle names, DOBs and other identifying information were not used for any cross-checking. [Consumerist via Techdirt]

Image: Gunnar Pippel/Shutterstock

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