Samsung's Official Statement On Apple's Ongoing Aussie Court Case

Following up from yesterday's court hearing that saw Samsung significantly delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, we've been sent Samsung's official response. Read it after the jump.

Media Statement: Samsung to Lodge Cross Claim Against Apple in Australia

Following today’s hearing in the Federal Court of Australia, Samsung has agreed to delay the launch of the GALAXY Tab 10.1 pending the court’s decision in the week commencing September 26, 2011. It should be noted that the court has not issued an injunction against the sale of the GALAXY Tab 10.1, and the court did not make any ruling during today’s hearing.

Samsung will continue to actively defend its right to launch the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 in Australia in order to ensure that consumers have a wider selection of innovative products to choose from.

Today, Samsung Electronics informed the Federal Court of Australia it intends to file a cross claim against Apple Australia and Apple Inc. regarding the invalidity of the patents previously asserted by Apple and also a cross claim against Apple regarding violation of patents held by Samsung by selling its iPhones and iPads.

Samsung will lodge the cross claim through the Federal Court in the coming days.

This follows legal action taken by Samsung against Apple for patent infringement in the United States of America, Germany, Korea and others.

Samsung will continue to pursue all possible measures including legal action to defend its intellectual property rights and ensure its innovative products remain available to consumers throughout the world.

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    Iphones have built in indoctrination.

    I wonder if Apple is trying to hold back Samsung prior to release of the iPad3, so instead of Apple having the outdated product, it's now Samsung... Basically prolonging the life of the iPad2

    And before you fanboys jump on me, I'm using 'outdated' as a comparative term, not as an absolute.

      Apple are trying to hold back Samsung, because Android took 30% of the tablet market away from them. Samsung have the best Android tablet available which will only accelerate their market share decline. Apple are trying to delay the inevitable.. it reads as desparation.

        Dude, that's items shipped. Not sold. That's literally "Number of tablets transported to a store shelf near you".

          Those are the sorts of numbers we use for Apple devices too. :)

          You don't need to have a personal stake in this, brands are just brands.

            Agreed. The amount of times people get so riled up in this shit is ludicrous. They're brands, they make stuff to make money and they have to defend it, even if it seems super lame. I guess it is kinda lame. Meh. Silly companies.

        I agree with BenDTU on this one. Anyone who quotes reports that the iPad has only 60% of the tablet market is misinformed, to say the least.

        Every report that uses actual web traffic or other usage metrics shows the iPad has over 90% market share. That number actually matches what you see in real life. I see people using iPads every day, and have never once seen a competing tablet in the wild. Pretty crazy!

      I agree with you a bit here. The whole thing seems a bit farcical, but it's almost like a tactical move. Less so to make the iPad 2's lifespan longer but to bring it closer to the iPad 3s release which I guess they will hope makes the 10.1 seem inferior.

      The argument about market share is valid, but also funny. Of course they're going to lose market share when they were pretty much the only tablet on the market.

      fairly poignant that you feel it necessary to disarm Fanboys before you get kicked in the nads! They can get rather irrationally rabid at times! Oh wait, now I'm gonna get kicked! #]

        Irritated apple fanboy - sandy vagina, same same.

          What happens if you get the former inside the latter?

    I wonder how this is affecting Samsung and Apple's commercial relationship in their other businesses considering Samsung manufacture so many components of Apple products the Mac's like screens, internal components, etc.

    Well, if a Dutch court can see fit to invalidate 9 out of the 10 patents Apple threw at Samsung, I expect they may have some success following the same tactic. The hearing should be short now that Apple have handed Samsung a roadmap to victory.

    Think about it, INVALIDATING PATENTS!! It's one thing for the defendant to be found 'non-infringing', but for a court to not only reject the claim, but decide you shouldn't have been given the patents in the first place is seriously embarassing for Apple.

    I'm lucky that I got my Samsung 10.1 tablet imported from America on release, it is an awesome tablet, and much better then the iPads I've tried. I think Apple are just trying whatever they can to keep as much market share as possible before more Android devices start to flood the market. Next years Tegra 3 chipset tablets/phones will really mess with Apple, so they are just delaying the inevitable.

    I still find the whole patent system ridiculous at the moment, I hope Samsung can do something and do an injunction against Apple, that'd make me laugh.

    This is called business. It happens everyday with thousands of companies and products.

    You are first to release a product. You then maintain that lead as long as possible, one of the methods used is legal protection of the IP, no matter how vague, the more generic you can get your patents the better. Over time this strategy naturally dissolves, and then you hopefully have your next product ready to roll with another leap.

    In the world of Gizmodo commenting this is seen as 'big corporations crushing innovation' with 'fanboys' of every religion jousting.

      Yes! Thank you, somone else sees this. It's business as usual people.

    Every time a company uses the words "Innovative" in a PR statement, a puppy dies.

    This changes everything.

    I want a Galaxy tab just because Apple doesn't want me to have one.

      Bahahahhahaaha.. nice.

      You mean This changes Everything. Again. Right? :P

    It's worth noting that despite what you may think about apple trying to extend the life span of the ipad 2 or compete for market share..when you take into account the size and hence insignificance of the Australian market in comparison to say the US or EU, then this patent case starts to seems frivolous. If Apple believe that they should spend the time and resources on going to court then just maybe they have a legitimate reason for protecting their IP.

      Your argument about market size being a factor would apply equally whether their reason was lifespan extension or "legitimate".

      It looks suspiciously like legal shenanigans are going to be this decade's "competitive advantage". This makes me sad.

    putting all this arguing aside you cannot escape the single most incredible fact.

    No one gave a shit about the tablet market before iPad. Now, you can go barely 2 articles on Gizmodo without seeing one about a new tablet or something to compete with the iPad.

    You have apple to thank for all this kerfuffle. Apple also has the right to defend their baby at every chance it can get. They got the money..... do you really think that if they saw an avenue to stop one of their competitors who are flat out copying their device, that they wouldn't have a go. Bloody hell I would.

    Cry all you like you sissies, but I'd do the same in Jobs' position.

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