Samsung's Full Response On Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battle With Apple

First we heard that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been blocked in Australia. An injunction? Not so responded Samsung late yesterday, “The Galaxy Tab 10.1 for the Australian market will be released in the near future.” As you'd expect, that opened up an absolute tonne of questions -- what exactly is Samsung's plan? Gizmodo asked, and here is their detailed response.

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In short: Samsung says they've agreed with Apple not to bring in the US model, and that the Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be different enough to be "released in the near future." They're not saying how different, though.

And as for the August 29 hearing, it's just to update the court and schedule further discussion. Call me naïve, but this sounds like it's going to be long and drawn out. I'm not holding my breath for that "near future release," but I'd love to be proven wrong.

Is Australia the first country where the tablet has been withdrawn? The GALAXY Tab 10.1 has not been withdrawn from sale as it has not even launched here yet. Samsung has made an undertaking to the Court that the variant of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 presented by Apple will not launch in Australia. A Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 for the Australian market will be released in the near future.

What are the terms of the agreement? It was mutually agreed that the GALAXY Tab 10.1 variant presented by Apple at the hearing would not launch in Australia. When the Australian variant of the device is finalised, three units will be provided to Apple to review for 7 days with the opportunity to raise any concerns within this time period. We are confident that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will not violate any of the plaintiff’s patents.

Can we refer to these two versions as the Australian version and US version? Correct. There will be an Australian variant and variants available in other markets.

How do these two versions differ? At this stage we cannot comment as the Australian variant is still in production. These details will be announced at a future media launch event.

Were/are Samsung planning on releasing both Wi-Fi and 3G models? There have been no announcements to date on this. We will announce these types of details at a future media launch event.

Could Samsung be required to provide Apple with other tablets or phones? As per the mutual undertaking, Samsung has agreed to provide Apple with three Australian GALAXY Tab 10.1 units to review for one week before they are launched in Australia. No other devices are being handed over.

What does the next court hearing on August 29 entail? This date has been set in order to update the court on the status of the matter and to make decisions on timetables and so on for future conduct of the matter.

Does Samsung have any response to The Sydney Morning Herald's quote from an Apple Australia spokesperson: “It's no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging. This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple's intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.”

Samsung will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communication business. We are confident that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not violate any of the plaintiff’s patents.

Is the 10.1 tab on sale in the US now? In other countries too? Yes the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is already on sale in other markets.

Are any models in stores in Australia? Is stock even in Australia now? No GALAXY Tab 10.1 devices are available in Australia from Samsung.

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    If not released, ill import

    Knowing the "Australia Tax", you may as well import anyway. Probably cheaper!

    Mobicity already has the 3G version

    I just bought one :)

    Imports FTW!

      Sorry that you got massively ripped off.

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      Ok... I'll stop saying dicks now.

      So am I to take it from your subtle suggestion, that Steve Jobs is a dick?

        its a song from south park BTW - also, i have a bad feeling that the australian version will be crap :(

          I obviously didn't do a very good job at my sarcasm :(

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      Must have been Sunday he decided to do this.

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    There was a great show done on patent law and how it's being grossly abused (Apple is mentioned a couple times) by This American Life.

    Seriously, I gave my 10.1v away for free because it just could not compete with my iPad2. I force myself to use it for a month and just could not deal with the crashing apps, less polished apps, poor app store. All of which overshadowed the benefits of having a more open format.

    The funny thing is that everyone is hailing Android for removing the compulsory use of something like iTunes. However, after using an iTunes liberated device like the Samsung 10.1v, I really missed iTunes. iTunes is far better at managing apps, music, videos, data transfers, file management, device and app upgrades and backups. Being able to transfer files using the very inefficient and slow usb driver (similar to a digital camera link) is actually far worse than using iTunes or turning on webdav in an iPad/iPhone app and transferring that way.

      you gave it away for free?

      wow, apple fanbois are more idiotic then i thought!

      this is aweosme, i will try and make money from this :)

        Hehehe, I got it for free so I gave it away for free. I get most things sent to me for free because of my job.

        Here is my score card:
        - iPad 1 beats Samsung Galaxy 10.1v
        - Blackberry playbook beats Samsung Galaxy 10.1v (hardware only as there are no apps)
        - iPad 2 beats iPad 1.
        - The apple newton (from the 90s) beats the smaller original Samsung Galaxy tab
        - Nobody buys acer so I didn't count that one

          I'm calling troll on you because of the newton comment. Seriously. And yes, I did use one (not own one) but my T-9 graphics calculator was better than that. Even considering we had to program our own games to play on it.

      interestingly, the reason I refuse to install iTunes on my PC is much the same as the reasons you cite for switching to an iPad2. I don't think Apple realise that the PC versions of Quicktime and iTunes are doing a very bad job of showcasing the benefits of the Apple way. Both are slow, bloated and prone to freezes/crashes. If I didn't need Quicktime for work, I wouldn't have it installed either, but it acts as a constant reminder of how useless Apple are (although the time Bootcamp takes to start my MacPro in Windoze each morning at work also helps).

      OTOH, Zune has started me on my own, personal re-evaluation of Microsoft. It is a revelation up to a point, but if you try to find out why something doesn't work the way you think it should, you quickly realise that Microsoft has a long way to go yet. Still, I'll take them over Apple any day.

    God that woman in the background is pissing me off, i dont know why...

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      I like what Gizmodo did there. Respecognise!

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    Couple this with the suit Apple has against HTC.

    Apple seem to be acting like real dicks.

    I was never a fanboy of sorts, leaning way way or the other when it came to Apple. But now I am put off.

    Remember when Apple was the underdog you could root for?

    Now they seem to be a bully.

    Hey Steve Jobs and Apple,


    While I am not great apple fan I have not been anti apple either. My family owns apple devices.
    HOWEVER, I was looking forward to purchasing a new Android Galaxy Tab. While I fully respect any company or individual's right to protect I.P. you have moved from a focus of lead by example of innovation to now putting large amounts of focus on stopping others from stealing market share by releasing what I personally consider legitimately different alternatives to your own model of product/software monopoly. This in not the act of a company who competes by doing better. It is the act of a company who wishes to stifle competition just to protect their market share, knowing full well it is to the detriment of consumers.
    Your actions are about to hurt me and other Australians who were likely not to be iPad buyers anyway so you are not doing something justifiable you are doing something BAD & WRONG!! AM I SHOUTING LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU APPLE?!?!.

    You have caused Samsung to possible gimp their tablet just to get it into Australia. I am now very mad and unimpressed with you. I am also a geek and my friends and family take notice of my opinions and even ask me to make decisions for them when it comes to technology related purchases. Well guess what. From now on I will be making a concerted effort when ever the opportunity presents itself to let them know what I think of you.

    This is not the rant of some one eyed fan boy. This is the rant of a balanced individual who you have pissed off so much that they sound like a one eyed fan boy!

    Apple's now on my list of "do-not-buy" along with Sony and Toyota.

    Sony's there because - well, just read their history. Toyota's there because they sponsor 60 Minutes. Apple, well some of us want to see patent law being applied to protect innovation rather than the way it's been expanded to protect monopolists.

      what is wrong with 60 minutes?
      you that fussy???

      Sony have some good products.

      You are missing out if you refuse to buy any product without any particular reason...

    Hey Freetards, Apple OWNS the multitouch patent.
    It's the beginning of the end for Android.

      Actually Steve, they have a patent on a mechanism used to implement a multitouch interface. They cannot patent the concept of multitouch, just the particular technology they use to make it work.

      There's plenty of prior art for multitouch control that would invalidate the broader patent for multitouch that you suggest Apple possess.

      Incorrect. Apple owns A multitouch patent.

    all your patents belong to us

    I am so furious... as I know many of you are..

    It seems to me that apple might just realise the galaxy tab 10.1 is better than the ipad2? Or at least is its greatest competitor?

    The motorola xoom has been in australia for months, as has the samsung galaxy tab 10.1v (the 10.1's fat bro)... each is a "curved shape, with a touch screen and an operating system with curved squares... etc... etc..."... so samsung go to release a tab thats thinner than the ipad, and less in spec that these other tabs, and its stopped? i duno im just fuming

    Geez people.

    Apple innovate and usually get screwed (like in the 80's when Microsoft copied their GUI) and now apple have the money to stand up for them selves. Go hard apple!!! Crap companies like Samsung and Htc simply COPY apple, right down to the box and even the camera/video mode switch in their camera apps.

    APPLE are not going to get screwed over this time!!!

      A way to switch between still and video mode? Something that even old "dumb"phones have? Way to innovate.

      I also notice a lot of things that have been included in Snow Leopard/Lion have "copied" things from other operating systems.

      Companies with a shitload of patents for tiny things like Apple are just trying to FORCE any competition away. Basically by saying that they own anything anyone does, even if they aren't the first to do it.

    MS didn't copy the GUI apple didn't even create the GUI Xerox PARC did (There was an earlier one but not in the same sense as the modern gui) and if you check history, the apple gui was inspired by PARC! Apple only had the first commerical GUI, here is another example of an apple fan trying to only show a part truth.

    I admit my ignorance. If I buy a Galaxy wifi 10.1 on-line. Will it work ok in Australia?

      yeah, it will work. looks like the mobicity link above takes you to a specs page that outlines the network frequencies it works on too.
      so long as it uses 850mhz 3G/HSDPA it will work on telstra's nextG and Vodafones new 850mhz network.
      mobi city are good to deal with too, i bought my HTC desire from them before launch last year, it came with the euro charger and an adapter AND a wall adapter for usb charging. so you wont have any issues importing at all.

      why is it so important to import this device? so you can rub it in an iTards fucking face. that's why.

      Yea i have a 10.1 non v wifi and i imported it to aus i have had it for a few month's now and its been good no problem at all with mine , i use mine for firefighting and few other bits and peaces and yea its good would recommend

    Apple have a decent product with the iPhones and iPads. But they're only popular with the 'kiddies'. Apples' money and sudden popularity wont last. It's a one-shot win in innovation and they're simply trying to remain the dominant player in the game.

    They'll end up pushing too hard, make fools of themselves and ruin their reputation. Other companies are just as capable of producing quality products and eventually the next stage in technology will arrive; once more pushing Apple into the background.

    And it seems that Apple are holding onto the one claim to fame they have, rather than trying to develop the next bigger one. Plus, Apple have consistently revamped the i-series products to the point where people know they're simply the same unit with minor changes. Eg, before the iPhone with a camera came out, the iPhone without the camera had a molded compartment designed for the camera (that wasn't yet released). They know they make money with people rebuying their products, so they're consistently making slight changes to encourage more purchases. This is why they have so many variations of the one product, each coming out shortly after the previous one.

    Apple buyers are getting played.

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