Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian Launch Next Week

When Gizmodo recently asked DisplayMate to do a detailed tablet display comparison for us, who'd have thought that the revised Galaxy Tab 10.1 would edge out the iPad 2? The new 10.1 model is also said to be thinner than the tablet o' magic, but will it be cheaper? We'll find out next Thursday when Samsung promises to reveal all.

Perhaps they've been waiting for the 10.1's new TouchWiz interface and Samsung Media hub software updates being released this week over in the States. I'm excited for this one.


    Where is it being launched? Where can we buy it next week?
    Are there any further details?

      I guess it's a private launch party for the media.

      Absolutely no where. For the timing being, thanks to Apple

    Its a goo price if you buy it from Amazon! :)

    Please be on vodafone.

      Why on earth would you want it to be on Vodafone? To guarantee failure?

        Because unlike the whingers on this site that didnt test thier coverage on prepaid first i have great voda coverage.
        ignorance attracts dissapointment

          Shepard, you will be leading your flock astray for many years to come.

          However, because i work for Telstra i like this - as the more people that go with Vodaphone, the more people will realise that going with Telstra is just the right choice after all, and will come over to us :)

        Cuz Vodafone is improving. Also their 850 network is much better. which the 10.1 supports.
        In saying that the galaxy tab 10.1 is going to be available on all networks

          Its refreshing to see someone who isnt just bagging out a provider. and your right the 850 is going to be great, and 4G as a software update on the towers later, while telstra is configuring thier hardware for 4g. should be interesting to see who finishes first

    Can we have a link or something to the specs of this please?

    I am confused as sites are saying no SD card, USB or HDMI etc.

    which model is this?
    argh!!!!!! help!!!!

      Christian! Take a breath! Remember to breath.

        not helpfull scott, its the 10.1 thinner version, no micro sd, usb host through proprietary cable

    location part of the invite has been cut off!
    where's the brekky launch?

      Pretty sure it was a deliberate move by Giz, because it'll be a private invite-only press event.

    Free breakfast I'm sold any lauch party in Perth?

    I've had this Galaxy Tab 10.1 here in Sydney for over two months. It's a nifty piece of kit, especially with widgets. But I still prefer my iPad 2.

    If you don't do too many things except read manga and ook at websites with a tablet, the Galaxy Tab is probably better. Apple's range of apps still beats it.

      thanks for the advice, i hate only having about 20,ooo apps installed at once on my android device

        Why would you install 20k apps on your android device? That seems a overbearingly silly.

        Given the Tab as from google I/O as a developer. To my point, where on android is Zite? Garageband? iMovie? Korg iMS-20, decent Instapaper client (that doesnt require subscription and make me write my own titles) and game selection at the resolution I require?

        These apps will all come on Honeycomb eventually. But they are not there now. I'm hardly likely to plus in a game controller to the Tab either.

        Each OS has respective benefits. The hardware of 10.1 Tab is easily the best so far. But will it crack the mainstream market for people who don't want to fiddle with things? WIll older people use it easily? Not in the current incarnation, no. Not releasing sales figures from Samsung is a good indicator.

        It'll all change soon enough anyway.

          My point was everyone talks about the amount of apps on a OS, all the EXCLUSIVE apps are either modded onto the device or an alternatwe is avalable.
          even most apple fans will admit the iphone is a dumbphone untill jailbrocken

            I wouldnt even go as far as that. Jailbreaking brings some very cool stuff. It also brings unreliable OS problems for me. My experience has been jailbreaking + minimal change to the springboard/OS = I have to reset my phone more frequently.

            The apps that I use and I like I cannot find equivalents on Honeycomb so far - but you couldve said a similar thing when iPad was released...except back then there were hardly any apps for large screens at all. Its a matter of time until android has better apps. If more developers could make even half the money they are making on iOS, Android would be benefitting from deeper investment from studios and indies devs than they currently are.

            Its not very often I've thought damn it I wish I had jb'd my phone because I need to do xxxxxx or xxxx. Not very often at all. THe main thing missing is a calendar on the lock screen. iOS5 will change that...slightly.

            Ask someone on the street who has an iPhone - 'do you think your phone is a smartphone or a dumbphone?'. A reasonable guess is that they will ignore your intended line of questioning and continue to enjoy a very simple and basic phone that seems smart enough to them.

              Don't bother explaining it to them. It's just android trolls trying to troll who they think is an apple troll, while it's actually just a person with common sence.

                Yes yes i know everyone is a troll if they dont agree with you mr russia.

    I work for optus and we should be getting this week and I already seen it when our samsung rep brought it n played with it and as I'm telling everyone, if I was a android user I would buy this without thinkin bout it

      Whats the launch date for optus?

    I've had my own one for about a month and can say I'm very happy with it. Solid as a rock, none of the Apple downsides eg iTunes syncing, does everything I need it to, without having to convert to arbitrary formats, Swiftkey Tablet X (amazing), etc. And it was $100 cheaper than the equivalent iPad 2.

    That said, Honeycomb is still quite new, so don't expect the same app range as IOS. It'll get there eventually, but if you can't live without your HD iPad-specific apps, it's not for you.

    Waiting for mine to arrive from the US. Sorry AUS, couldnt wait that long or pay that much...

      So did you get the WiFi version? I tried picking up the 4G version in whilst in the states and it was going to cost too much. Verizon would only sell it on a plan.

    I'm sitting in my suite in Hong Kong writing this on my 10.1 love it much more than my Ipad. Much faster and a very responsive screen. Only down is that I am not able to connect directly to my camera to d/load photos - still can't do thtat with the Ipad anyway. This is the best of the bunch I looked at. If coming this way got it at golden arcade - not tourist cost.

    No the Samsung Galaxy Tab wont be released yet haha. shouldnt have infrindged samsung!

    Still waiting for higher resolution display, before I get it.

    @Ashumz - HAHA, you an idouche? You paid way too much for an inferior product. Simpleton. Who did Apple infringe on in the first place? Typical uneducated apple supporter.

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