Samsung’s New LED Monitors: 3D, SmartTV And Docking

Desktop monitors aren’t exactly sexy, but most of us use one every day. And Samsung is really striving for some innovation with its new range. The edge-lit LED line up includes the SA 9 series (3D capable), TA 9 series (Smart Hub-enabled), and the CA 5 Series with ‘Central Station’ aka laptop docking features.

Each series comes in 23-inch and 27-inch falvours, except the TA 9, which only comes in the larger size. Full HD (1920 x 1080), a wide viewing angle (170°/160°), and Samsung’s ‘Mega DCR’ contrast boost is common across the range. Full specs below.

The SA 9 monitors have a distinctive design, and can handle both 2D (standard monitor use) and 3D (Blu-ray, consoles, Foxtel, etc), though you’ll still need shutter glasses. The 23-incher (SA23950) costs $550, while the 27-inch model is $700 (SA27950).

The 27-inch TA27950 costs $800, and apart from being a monitor is also an internet connected Smart TV with full HD tuner and two HDMi ports. It’s also 3D enabled.

Finally, the CA 5 has its own tilt-adjustable design, and is basically able to act as a hub or dock for laptops. Here’s how Samsung explains it: “After the initial setup, when the user connects LAN and audio cables to the Central Station monitor, all the user has to do is link his or her laptop to the Central Station using a single USB connection.” The 27-inch CA27550 is priced at $600, while the 23-inch CA23550 is $430. [Samsung]

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