Robots And Dinosaurs And Plastic Hands, Oh My...

I find the whole 3D printing concept fascinating. Those in Sydney can check it out for themselves at the Robots & Dinosaurs Hackerspace. Freelance Blogger and Journalist Neerav Bhatt did exactly that over the weekend, and his adventures in hand-making are right after the jump. Bhatt used an open source design — the OK hand signal — and the still undeniably cool Makerbot Cupcake CNC to make a spare hand. Quite what he'll use it for is his own private business, but if you've a hankering for some 3D printing of your own, the venue where he did his printing, Robots & Dinosaurs, is a hackerspace that's open to entry for a small membership fee. It's the kind of thing I'd love to do, if I could find the time and the right kind of project to make. And if I could resist the urge to simply wait until 3D Chocolate printing is readily available, rather than just in prototype form.

[Robots & Dinosaurs via Neerav Bhatt]

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