Robots And Dinosaurs And Plastic Hands, Oh My...

I find the whole 3D printing concept fascinating. Those in Sydney can check it out for themselves at the Robots & Dinosaurs Hackerspace. Freelance Blogger and Journalist Neerav Bhatt did exactly that over the weekend, and his adventures in hand-making are right after the jump. Bhatt used an open source design -- the OK hand signal -- and the still undeniably cool Makerbot Cupcake CNC to make a spare hand. Quite what he'll use it for is his own private business, but if you've a hankering for some 3D printing of your own, the venue where he did his printing, Robots & Dinosaurs, is a hackerspace that's open to entry for a small membership fee. It's the kind of thing I'd love to do, if I could find the time and the right kind of project to make. And if I could resist the urge to simply wait until 3D Chocolate printing is readily available, rather than just in prototype form.

[Robots & Dinosaurs via Neerav Bhatt]


    That just looks so suss after you said what he uses it for is his own business.

    Alex was just being his usual cheeky self.

    The hand has been named "Thing" (like the one from the TV show Adams Family) and lives on my desk amongst a mess of USB drives and press releases

    The new UP printer will be on show this Sunday at the Hacker space.

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