A Personal Submarine You Can Rent On Holiday

It sounds like an incredibly easy way to get onto ASIO's watch list, but a Dutch company is offering something a little different to the regular, run of the mill boat hire options. They'll rent you a two or three person submersible for "Global Charter".

Above image credit: David Pearlman

The company is U-Boat Worx, which sounds vaguely as though it'd belong in a cyberpunk alternate history World War II film. They're based in the Netherlands. They actually build the models they're hiring out. Pricing isn't disclosed, so it's hard to tell if you'd do better with U-Boat Worx or hiring out Richard Branson's personal submarine.

While the official release talks about using the two submersible types they offer for activities such as scientific research or SCUBA diving, the website talks about using them for "every kind of mission around the world". Am I the only one who gets more than a slight James Bond vibe from that? Are there companies that'll also build me an undersea base? [U-Boat Worx]Thanks Simon!

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