Rechargeable GPS Dog-Stalking For The Eco-Friendly Animal Lover

Are you just the weest bit paranoid about your dog? Do you want to be able to track where it is, at every moment, to within a few feet? Well, today's your lucky day, weirdo.

We've seen GPS dog collars before, but The Tagg Pet Tracker has a few more bells and whistles than any sane person could need. It's expensive, it's rechargeable, and it has the potential to be a black-hole time-suck for people who think about their pets too much.

You set up a perimeter online, and if your dog leaves it you get a text message and an email alert. You can then go to your computer and track the pup's location. That's pretty great. Or you can just sit at your computer all day and see what part of the yard your dog is napping in. That's not so great. If you do that I'd recommend getting a hobby. There's a button you can hit so it turns off when you take your dog for a walk or a drive, it's water resistant, it has a fancy recharging dock, and the batteries last up to 30 days. You may rest easier knowing that your dog won't be lost, but I wonder if cramming all this cellular technology into collars will spark a sudden rash of canine neck-cancer. $US200 for one device and one year of service, and $US140 for each additional device. [Pet Tracker via CNET]

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