Queensland Man Busted Drink Driving Motorised Esky

We’re not sure if Christoper Ian Petrie was driving the same cruzin’ cooler we’ve covered in the past, but we know it was powered by a 50cc motor, and that the magistrate ruled it a qualified vehicle, slapping the 23-year-old with a 500 buck fine.

"How much beer can it hold?," the magistrate asked. The answer: "at least a couple of cartons." I love Australia.

Problem was that Christopher was more than three times the legal limit when he got breath tested in June. Not cool. What’s the bet that this won’t be the last time we hear about Esky shenanigans, either. [Fox News]


    Bonzai? WTF?

      That's what I was thinking. Isn't the correct Aussie term "Bonza"?

      Only explanation I can provide is that Danny actually means "Banzai" which its a Japanese war-cry... I have no idea what miniature tree's have to do with the story or the photo...

    "Not cool". HAHAHAHA NOT COOL! . ... Was I the only one?

    Bonza means "great", "bonzai" (actually "banzai") is what the Japanese shouted when they charged in WWII, means ten thousand years.

      Well not just in WW2. The word is still commonly used today.

    Oh yeah, LAWYERED!

    Worst thing was he also lost his drivers license for 10 months. He is not likely to kill anyone with the esky. I think the fine and a harsh talking to would have been enough.

    I thought the funniest part of the story was when the magistrate asked "how much beer does it hold?"

    Meh. Stupid PC society. FFS it's an esky.

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