QR Codes On Athletes' Butts Is A Stupid, Sexist Idea

For some reason, beach volleyball isn't taken all that seriously in the UK. Why? It's a legitimate sport. It's not all about the sex. So how are these athletes battling the stigma? With QR codes on their asses. You're welcome.

First, let me just say that I respect the sport of beach volleyball insofar as I suck at it. High school was hard. So kudos to Brits Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26, for combining their prep for next year's Olympics with a bid for making volleyball unlike the lead-in scene for a softcore porn in the minds of their countrymen. They don't want to be sex symbols. They want to be Olympic champions.

But! Tell me how slapping QR codes on their asses is anything other than a sleazy. Ass-backwards, even. I mean, apart from the fact that you can't effectively use your smartphone while these players are moving. All you have to do is imagine the scene and it's both funny and really really creepy. Old men, their tongues lolling, whip out their iPhones to snap pics of these beauties' bottoms mid volley. Suddenly, they're all cheering for the wrong reason. Male gaze for the win.

But the worst part? The QR link sends you to Betfair, a prominent betting site. Great. Now the old guys have gambling addictions to boot. Betfair wants this campaign to be seen and remembered by sports fans everywhere. Sure, mission accomplished. But for all the wrong reasons, something I'm sure they're ok with. This is probably unseemliest marketing ploy ever, all in the name of Olympic glory and national pride. If this is the first time this kind of stunt has been done, it needs to be the last. [Daily Mail via Copyranter]


    It's innovative marketing. I don't know about you, but staring at women's asses is the primary reason I watch volleyball. You just come off as an opinionated ass, besides, who cares what they have on their asses. Would you feel better if they had stickers of unicorns? Geez.

      Don't pass judgement when you sound like a lonely perve.

    Why are you putting all that on old guys? I am an old guy and I see this as nothing but sexist advertising for the purpose off taking more money off people who lack self-control.

    The miniscule playing attire is governed by international volleyball federation, and it gets smaller and smaller every year. When realestate gets smaller, where do you expect advertising to be placed? On the front bum? This reads like faux-feminism.

      I hear ya, however, theres nothing wrong with putting it on her mid back, she's not topless.

      When I first read about that, my initial reaction was very much "WTF?". I'm not a wowser bemoaning the loss of modesty in young women these days - hey, wear what you want and I'll gladly enjoy the spectacle! :--]. But it shouldn't be against the rules to weigh yourself down with a more substantial uniform, if that's how you roll.

      This isn't swimming, where fluid dynamics make a huge difference to your performance.

    They should have done it on the front bum with the QR code taking you to an ad for Camel cigarettes.

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