Qbo The Robot DJ Will Guarantee Nerdiest Party Of Your Life

Hello, party programs! Are you ready to get down? Put your hands in the air if you are ready to get funky — digitally! Perhaps you would like a rap party melody? That is no problem! Motion-controlled party cool time!

Is your party missing anything? Drugs? Attractive people? A robot boombox with facial recognition technology and hand gesture control? Ah yes, that's what we suspected. The Linux-powered Qbo can't provide the former of those three — in fact it will almost certainly alienate them — but it will provide that unique gratification of commanding another entity. With most DJs, you can't wave your hands in their faces and force them to play as you wish. Bu Qbo will! Fist pump to play, point right or left to skip tracks, and flash it a super cool peace sign to increase the volume. NOW WHO HAS SOME COCAINE? [TheCorpora via Engadget]

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