UK Police Now Tweeting Names, Address, Birthday Of Looters

The Greater Manchester Police is now tweeting names, birthdays and address of looters. While this information is public in England and it gets printed in papers, this is the first time Twitter is being used to broadcast this info.

Perhaps the police is doing it to let people know they are doing something. Publicly humiliating these bastards with Twitter is OK, I guess, but I would rather keep it quiet and smack them with some bricks and baseball bats. [TNW]



    Is this approach going to create an even larger disgruntled youth? As a British Citizen I am horrified and saddened by what has happened in England, but is this really a good way forward? This is now a permanent record for life against these people (the one above 19 yrs old). Anyone hiring will quickly exclude these people. I for one am not comfortable with this. Its not for the police to be so political. They should enforce the rule of law. This seems like an over reaction to their own failure.

      The article says that it's all public information that has been posted elsewhere already.

      Nothing wrong with that as far as I can see.

        Patrick - People that think like you are the reason this happened in the first place. Kid gloves breed contempt for the law. Since when did stealing and looting become something that employers shouldn't know about? I believe the police are right to do this as the sentences being dished out are a joke anyways. This kid will think twice before doing something like this again.

    I wouldn't employ a looter! We've all got skeletons in the closet, but I managed to skip the looting phase.

    This is just like the public sex offenders registers in the US where kids do something silly at 15 (like having consensual sex with someone else under age) and find their names on the register for 20-30 years. There's more than one kid killed himself (herself) because landlords or employers check the register and find the kid's name and refuse the job or rental. Very poor public policy especially when applied to young kids. I'm sure all of us (even sanctimonious do-gooders, politicians and police) have done something we regret later. But it doesn't have lot follow us for life.

      That's been grossly over-blown. The age of consent in the US is 16, and nor do you automatically get blacklisted on a sex offenders website.

    haha yet cancer patients are given prison sentences in their final days (His death was assumed at this point) for giving out sex offenders names over the radio here in australia...

    While police reserve the right to do this over a radio announcer, i believe we are a pretty backward nation when i start hearing shit like this.

    The clip is somewhat open to interpretation, one could say that the bricks and baseball bats were picked up because it is hard to satirise the '????' in the shiny boots. The enemy we face has not been unmasked or named but we can all see the damage being done. The economic growth of the western world is no longer based on productivity, the market has taken control and the devotee's of the system are convinced that you can make money from money.
    Bernie Madoff was arrested in 2008 for fraud totalling about US$70 billion dollar, his private business was the 6th largest market maker on Wall Street at the time. He was surely a contributor to the fiasco that we are all still paying for, perhaps even an instigator but his $70 billion is a drop in the ocean of the total fraud that brought the economies of the west to such a sudden stop. In spite of this, 3 years after the fact it appears as though all others involved in the greatest crime of our time have been forgotten and pardonned. The debts of the financial system have not been repaid by the investors, they have been absorbed by the Governments and passed on to the people. Spending cuts for all, well.. lets face it, the people who rely on public housing, healthcare, education and welfare are the only ones who will feel all of these cuts. The economy doesn't care about these people, they don't have 'good credit' so they can't produce enough debt to contribute to the ongoing Ponzi scheme. The thing is, ignoring people or regarding them as non-participants is not an option.
    You can price the credit poor out of your game, but what will you do when they start their own game? Water Cannons? Call the army in?

    All of those who looted should be executed.
    Too many countries in the world are soft and need to put their foot down big time on various issues, prisons the world over are over crowded, we know that at least half of these scum will get a slap on the wrist and be back on the streets, with their next offence being only a matter of time. That second offence crime can be eliminated so why not do it.

    If these nonpersons are not purged from society then they will go on to spawn others and the trouble will not end.
    People need to realize that in today's world, simply being born does not give you the right to live beyond your adolescence, you need to earn it by not being a drain on government resources.

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