Pink Panther Panthermobile Up For Sale

For those who like their custom cars done up in extra pink, notes that the car used in the 1960s Pink Panther TV show is going onto the auction block for only the second time. The Panthermobile first sold from the collection of legendary designer Jay Ohrberg, who was also the design mind behind the Back To The Future Delorean, the General Lee, K.I.T.T and plenty of other fictional rides.

The description apparently notes that the engine in the Panthermobile is no longer functional, but that probably doesn't matter; something tells me that a car with this particular design is unlikely to be street legal. The original selling price was a cool $US130,136, and the new seller's asking at least $US182,895 for it. At that price, it might be worth checking if a large pink diamond's been casually dropped in the back seat as well.

[ via BornRich]

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