PayPal Fights Back, Gives 1000 Anonymous IPs To The FBI

Looks like it's PayPal's turn in this volley. After Anonymous started an anti-PayPal campaign last week in response to all the recent arrests, PayPal has come back with what they believe are the IP addresses of those responsible for last year's DDoS attacks on their servers.

Now, this could be PayPal blowing a whole lot of smoke. It wouldn't be hard for any hacker or script kiddie to mask his or her IP or have a remote computer execute a command. So having 1,000 IPs might mean they have 1,000 meaningless IPs for people the FBI has no real business hunting after.

But who knows. The FBI affidavit is written with support for a kid in Arlington, TX who PayPal reported to have chugged out a lot of packets during the attack. We'll just have to see. [The Hacker News via Ubergizmo]

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