Parents Can Have Text Message Slang Too!

Parents Can Have Text Message Slang Too!

In the New Yorker this week, William Sorensen delves into the strange and amusing world of parental texting. Highlights include: “T4W = Time for whiskey” and “RxV — >BW = Got Viagra prescription, just need Barry White cassettes.”

Useful conversational shortcuts for those baby boomers, indeed! And quite hilarious. But what Sorensen may not realise is that crusty colloquialisms like these — and so much worse — exist in real life on When Parents Text, an endlessly entertaining blog that’s coming out in book form September 1st. There, you can find gems like this one from a Packers-crazed mater:

MUM: (_/_)(__)(_/_)(__)(_/_) booty shake!!!

And many more equally intriguing/disturbing specimens.

Sadly, I have no recent booty shake texts from my mum to share. She just broke/lost both her phones. [New Yorker]