Obama Basher Is The Stupidest Trash To Contaminate Our Inboxes

We receive lots of moronic emails daily, but this description of the "Obama Basher" — an electronic disc you punch for whatever reason — is perhaps the bottom of the bucket. Oh, idiotic plastic thing, let us count the ways you're dumb.

The Obama Basher is described as a "Punch-friendly gadget let's right-wingers 'virtually' bash Obama without risk of retaliatory Secret Service beatings." Sure! Whatever! If your version of political discourse is punching a plastic effigy of the president, then congratulations, you're probably the same kind of person who crunches beer cans on your head and uses Axe instead of taking a shower. The same could be said for trash-human imbeciles who would do the same to a picture of ol' GW! It's just petty and lame.

But the Obama Basher, so wisely, decided to put an extremely racially dubious caricature of Barack on the front. You know what's totally fine? Making fun of our political leaders. They often deserve it. You know what's not cool? A product that encourages the physical bludgeoning of a big-gummed, big-lipped depiction of a black guy. That he's the president is almost irrelevant.

So please, don't make trash like this. And if you do, don't send it to us — because reading things like this:

"Obama Basher will be a 'hit' at Tea Parties," laughs inventor Ian Campbell, who claims to be a small government independent. "With today's rancorous political climate, we felt like it was our duty to promote a spirit of bipartisanship and compromise through effective rage-release."

Makes me want to "bash" my computer. Ian Campbell, you are an idiot. Make better things. [Obama Basher]

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