Nintendo: Prepaid Cards Soon, Ambassador Verification Now

Worried you didn’t get your 3DS registered before the cut-off date for the verification program? Nintendo’s got an app for that. Worried about punching your credit card (if you have one) into your 3DS to buy virtual console games? Prepaid cards are coming soon.

According to Vooks.Net, Nintendo will shortly release prepaid cards for 3DS into Australian stores, although the timing is still a little up in the air. It may be this week; it may be the same time as StarFox 64 3D launches, currently scheduled for September 15th; we’ll just have to wait and see.

More: Nintendo 3DS ‘Ambassador Program’ Registration Extended

Meanwhile, if you registered your 3DS before the cut-off date, you might be a touch worried that Nintendo’s not got in touch yet to shower you with free games — or even an indication that you did indeed meet the cut-off date. Digital Trends notes that the company now has an online serial checker to let you know for sure if your 3DS is properly registered.[Vooks and Digital Trends]

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