Nikon's Curious Crusade Against Physical User Manuals

OK Nikon, so you don't include a dead tree usuer manual with new cameras anymore. That's fine; they just sit at the bottom of a drawer until we eventually throw them out. But to also DRM against printing it out? What the hell.

Nikon does offer a fully printable version of its manuals if you just happen to have your camera's serial number and registration information on hand, but seriously! How is that necessary? It's not even the inconvenience of the thing (which does kind of stink). It's the sheer absurdity of it. What does Nikon possibly stand to lose from users printing out a copy of their manual? Are they afraid that street vendors are going to start hocking them on corners like scripts of The Departed? I don't get it. [Rob Beschizza, Nikon]

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