New Touchy-Feely Apple Patent Eliminates Fingerprint Smudges

Apple patents come and go and rarely see the consumer side of things, but this latest one uncovered by CNET this morning would be a welcome addition to the company's touch-friendly future.

The patent concerns a special coating procedure, called Physical Vapor Desposition, that would leave them oil-resistant for far longer than is the case with current coatings on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad. Those coatings, which are already well-known additions to the Apple line, wear off after a short while. This new technique would apparently be a much more effective way of keeping fingerprints off your touchscreen devices.

If this patent tastes a bit salty to you, it's because there's a rumour attached to it as well. The rumour being the new coating will grace the the iPhone 5. Guess we'll know in September. Or is it October now? September. No, definitely October. [CNET]

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