New Apple Store May Be Entirely Made Of Glass

New Apple Store May Be Entirely Made Of Glass

Forget about the Apple glass cube. This store has been presented today at the Santa Monica Planning Commission by an “unknown retailer”. Who could be the retailer? There’s only two possibilities here: Apple or Apple.

The store will take the place of an old Borders (RIP) store on the Third Street Promenade. If approved, the old Borders would be demolished and replaced by this glass 751sqm glass structure with a 23m glass façade:

The proposed one-story, 34-foot high commercial building will feature an expansive floor-to-ceiling height accentuated by a transparent glass ceiling. The front façade will consist entirely of transparent glass panels that will project five feet from stone paneled side walls.

Apple already has a store nearby, but this one is going to be a bigger one, so it may be a replacement.

At this pace, Apple products would be all invisible and intangible soon. And some of you will buy them for $US399.99. [Curbed LA]