More Details Of iOS 5′s Nuance Voice Dictation Emerge

So the story goes that at WWDC, the Nuance team working on Apple's (still officially unconfirmed) voice control were surprised when their Dictation demo was swapped out at the last minute. Since then we've seen a leaked settings screen, even though the tech hasn't been in any current iOS 5 betas. Until now it seems. New files reportedly uncovered in beta 5 indicate there will be a microphone option on the universal pop up keyboard.

Of course, anything could change before iOS 5 goes final, and we still don't know if this general voice dictation will be separate to a probable 'Assistant' feature based on Siri. It's shaping up that way, though, and 'Assistant' could be exclusive to the iPhone 5.

As I speculated a week or so ago, Nuance adding support for Aussie accents and idioms in its developer SDK should hopefully mean that iOS 5 will actually understand us. We'll wait and see. [9 To 5 Mac]

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