Microsoft Touch Mouse Finally Reaches Australia

Confession: At home, I use Apple's Magic mouse, even though the hacked Windows 7 Bluetooth drivers are sketchy as hell. I have a Logitech mouse, too, but I love how the Magic Mouse scrolls. So I've been eagerly waiting for Microsoft's Touch Mouse — with proper drivers — and full multi-touch gesture support. A Microsoft rep just told me it's hitting Aussie distributors right now, and though its RRP isn't cheap at $100 — competitive street pricing will be cheaper than that.

The gestures should sound familiar: - One finger scrolls in any direction inside of a window

- Swiping your thumb up/down acts like the back and forward buttons common on Windows mice

- Two fingers to the left or right activates Aero Snap, pinning the selected window to the side; two fingers up or down minimizes or opens minimised windows

- Three fingers activates a Mac OS X Expose-like view, showing all of your windows in a neat grid.

You'll start seeing the Touch Mouse at stores in early September, though its official local launch date isn't until September 12. Stay tuned for a full review. [Microsoft]-Thanks Matthew for the tip

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