Man Survives Being Impaled Through Eye Socket With Pruning Shears

Leroy Leutscher, an 86-year-old man from Arizona, was out on his yard when he dropped his pruning shears. As he reached down to grab them, he slipped and fell, landing face down on the handle. The handle went through his eye socket and down into his neck. Amazingly, he's OK.

That X-ray above was taken right after the horrifying accident, and it pretty much speaks for itself. Still, even in such ridiculous circumstances, the surgeons managed to remove the shears from his face, rebuild Leutscher's orbital floor with metal mesh AND save his freaking eyeball. Leutscher still has some slight swelling on his face and a little bit of double vision but Jesus H. Christ doctors are amazing. [Telegraph UK via BoingBoing]

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