Man Enters Hospital With Stomach Pains, Leaves With Hysterectomy

Stop me if you've heard this one: an Indian farmer goes to the hospital and says "Doc, I've got this horrible pain in my stomach." And then the doctors operate and find "a female uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, a cervix and underdeveloped vaginal tissue". No? Yeah, I hadn't neither.

The man, identified only as Ryalu, was reportedly "stunned" to find out that he had a complete set of female reproductive organs (while the human capacity for language is one of its most laudable traits, it's notable that "stunned" is still the best we can do for "oh my god I have lady bits inside me"). The doctors removed the unexpected guests with a hysterectomy, and Ryalu is convalescing both physically and psychologically at the hospital where the operation was performed. But no worries! Doctors insist that Ryalu is all male. Or as male as one can be having been born with ovaries:

"The external reproductive organs of the patient were masculine and he has no problems whatsoever with his sexuality. He had functional male genitals and there was no formation of breasts in the patient. It's an embryological accident at the time of embryonic formation," he said.

So remember, guys, to get that hernia checked out. It might finally help you get in touch with your feminine side. [Telegraph UK via TDW]

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