Man Climbs 300-Foot Radio Tower, Lives There Six Days

A 25-year-old Oklahoma man climbed a Clear Channel radio tower to avoid being captured by security guards who spotted him in a restricted area. Not the brightest move, but he did evade his pursuers for six days.

The man rested on a small lattice in the tower and yelled at onlookers below. He rebuffed offers of food and water and pulled away when rescuers tried to coax him down. Wearing only a pair of shorts, he endured an amazing six days on the tower until an intense 90-degree heat on Tuesday drove him into the safety of a rescue bucket. The only thing that kept him alive was will power and one container of bottled water he drank on Friday.

Thankfully, the Oklahoma man came down when he did. Most people can survive up to eight weeks without food, but can't make it much longer than 5 days without water. He was likely on the edge of severe dehydration, a situation that could've ended with a tragic fall. [KOTV News 6]

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