Man 3D-Prints Spare Part To Avoid Huge Ripoff

Getting a spare part has got to be the biggest pain in the arse known to the IKEA-loving world. But one man, who goes by dscott4 on Instructables, has stepped up.

His pricey Bugaboo stroller needed a small part that the company's service centre sells for $US250. Really? So our guy, took his business elsewhere. Using a company called Shapeways, he had a new stainless steel part made on a 3D printer for $US25.

Now, it's true that this guy has a "background in industrial design," but the future is nigh for all of us. His step-by-step guide, "How to repair a Bugaboo Pram with 3D Printing" is waiting on Instructables right now so we can all buy overpriced luxury contraptions and then stick it to the man.

[dscott4's Instructables via Consumerist]

Image: dscott4


    Nice work!

    But I would have dragged IKEA past the ACCC on the way, as this would contravene a few sections of the Trade Practices Act in regard to merchantable quality of the pram itself.

      Mr Biggles, IKEA don't make prams, nor sell them as I recall, they do make 'lots' of flat pack furniture with lots of 'bits' hence the reference by the reporter. They also send out spare parts quite readily if you have a missing bolt/screw thingies, or have done so for me in the past.

    Looks like the parts would have been just as easily reproduced from some sheet aluminium. Still, it's good to see developments in 3D printing.


    Made in America
    Made in Australia
    Made in China


    bring on the Personal 3D printer!

    They can 3D print stainless steel now? I thought they all just did it with resin or whatever. Awesome.

      Still, 3D printing rocks. If I had the time, patience and inclination I'd be using it to create miniature terrain and models for Hero Quest-esque adventure games.

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