Making Plants Grow In Nappy Membranes Is Gross

As you can see above, scientists at Japanese firm Mebiol have managed to cultivate plants using only micron-thick hydro-membranes known as Imec. The technology has already been demonstrated by NASA to grow space plants. Only... why am I so grossed out?

First, the membranes are made using the same material that makes nappies so absorbent. Which is... ew? But the method has successfully yielded produce like tomatoes, melons and cucumbers. The researchers hope that this stuff could solve food shortages by using resources more efficiently. Which is wonderful.

But, even after all the good, I can't help but think of a really bad egg salad sandwich when they flip the membrane over. And the whole "futuristic food" idea reminds of that Futurama episode where Fry eats that nasty petrol station sandwich. Not a good look, guys. [DigInfo]

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