Lunchtime Deal: Good Times For Android Users

Dy-No-Miiite! Sorry, I just had to. Anyway, it's not always the iPhone users who get the sweet games deals, although it might seem that way. Gameloft's latest offering — which runs through to midnight on Friday — is that any Android games purchase you make automatically gets you another free game of your choice.

To sweeten the deal, at random times (announced by Gameloft's Twitter feed, if you're the stalking type) you won't just get one free game, but up to four. If you're reading this on your Android handset, the direct link for the sale is right here.

Low on cash? EA Mobile's also joining the Android party, offering up its Android version of Tetris for free from today. That's not a time limited offer, except in the sense that you're wasting time when you could be playing Tetris right now. [Gameloft]

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