Look Kids, It's A Creepy PlayStation 3 Interactive Doll!

Interactive stuffed toys have creeped me out since the Teddy Ruxpin, but back in 2008, Sony thought about stuffing this freaky critter with storage, Wi-Fi and even a cell processor to terrorise kids everywhere. It would improve in areas where Microsoft's ActiMates failed in the '90s by being able to sense being touch, cry, recognise voices, and move about of its own accord. The bizarre patent was only recently publicly released.

Where a toy is not licensed to interact fully with a media disk, the PS3 can issue generic interaction instructions that follow the spirit of the interactive content on the disk, allowing the toy for example to give generic positive and negative comments as appropriate. This avoids frustration by the user, who as a child is likely to be unaware of and unconcerned by licensing issues.

This PlayStation Toy would also have been able to connect with game controllers, the PSP and EyeToy. That's right kids, the Wiggles really are watching you… [PlayStation Lifestyle via Kotaku]

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