Logitech Has A Fling At The iPad Joystick Market

Logitech's latest accessory is the not-terribly-inventively-named Logitech Joystick For iPad. You can probably work out what it does if you think about it for even a nanosecond. What really strikes me about it is how very similar it looks to the rather well known Fling for iPad. By similar, I pretty much mean "identical". I suppose there's only so many ways you can design iPad joysticks and have them still work, but these are exceptionally close to being the exact same design. Sure, there are already dodgy knock-offs of the Fling design out there, but Logitech's a big, well known company. Did the Fling folks not file for copyright/patent protection on their work, or did Logitech slip them a brown envelope full of tenners at some point?

Logitech's take on an iPad joystick is priced in the US at US$19.99; if that price translates here it'll be marginally cheaper than most outlets are selling the Fling, but at this stage there's no sign of it on the Australian Logitech Web site.

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