Light Your Bike At Night With Revolights

Like many bikers, Kent Frankovich pedaled at night and wondered if cars around him saw his dimly-lit tail light. He also loathed his headlamp that barely lighted his way.

Instead of abandoning his night-time bike rides, he used his mechanical engineering know-how to develop Revolights, an LED lighting system for bicycle wheels. He attached a string of LED lights to his front and rear tires. When the wheels spin, the LEDs form a bright arc. The arc is so bright that it lights the path in front of him and makes the bike visible to cars behind him.

The lights are powered by lithium-ion powered batteries which need to be replaced, but a future version could use kinetic energy produced by the movement of the wheel. Frankovich is working with two colleagues on this project and is raising funds via Kickstarter. [Revolights via Fast Company]


    hmmm....doesnt look very bright for seeing far ahead into the distance. besides there are already products on the market that make sure your seen at night/early morning. the led light I have on my bike is quite powerful, to the point where it has to be kept moving through the air to make sure it doesnt overheat. yes led's if they are powerful enough can overheat.

    You could do away with the 'aiming' of the lights and just have a tron bike

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