LG's 3D Conversion Engine Will Turn Your 2D Games into 3D

LG's Optimus 3D is a nice enough phone, but just about every reviewer who's had hands on time with it — including myself — has lamented the fact that the beyond taking 3D photos, the 3D display wasn't good for much due to a critical lack of applications. LG's addressing that shortcoming and is due to announce a 2D to 3D conversion engine for Android games. Akihabara News details the official release prior to the IFA show. The official release of the 3D conversion engine will occur with the first maintenance release for the Optimus 3D, which means we'll be stuck waiting for Optus, the official exclusive carrier for the phone to set it loose down under. It's a post-conversion process, but it seems to rely on some kind of checklist for games; while developers apparently won't have to do anything to turn their 2D games three dimensional, the 3D conversion engine will check against a list of known working games before turning on the special effects.

3D gaming is still something of a niche in the wider market — just look at Nintendo's rather rapid 3DS price cut — and I've got to admit that I can't view 3D games (or content) for all that long without getting queasy. What do you think? Would the prospect of 3D as easy as flicking a toggle switch entice you to the Optimus 3D? [Akihabara News]

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