Let Google Maps Help You Do As American Psychos Do

If you're unfamiliar with American Psycho in its literary or cinematic incarnations, I'm sorry you've been deprived. For those in the know, consult this map compiled by NYT's Dealbook of all the locales homicidal protagonist Patrick Bateman frequented whilst rampaging.

Dealbook took the data from a list assembled by Scouting New York's Nick Carr in honour of the novel's 20th anniversary, and the film's 10th anniversary, and mapped the real life locale of each spot on Google Maps as they existed 20 years ago. Some spots still stand today (blue markers). Others, apparently, are baby stroller shops (red markers). The only thing I'm left wondering is, where on this map would I go to witness a maiming set to the music of Huey Lewis? [Scouting New York via NYT DealBook]

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