Kickstarter Project Promises Menacing Desktop Jellyfish On-Demand

Kickstarter Project Promises Menacing Desktop Jellyfish On-Demand

Fish tank? Pish posh. I desire a desktop tank full of jelly-like invertebrates, thank you very much, which is why I’m currently desiring this tank full of tiny Medusozoa something fierce. Yes, that’d be jellyfish to the layperson.

The home-sized tank is very real, but it’s not quite at the commercial level. That’s where Kickstarter comes in (are we surprised?) to provide funding. So far, so great, as the $US3,000 goal has already been reached and surpassed well in advance of the September 12 goal.

What’s in the $US350 kit? It’s actually pretty stocked. To start you’ll get the very Dyson Air Blade-like tank, into which you’ll put salt water and living rock and eventually three tiny non-stinging jellyfish (they arrive living and ready for deployment via an overnight delivery from tank creator Jellyfish Art). An LED light illuminates your menacing little pets with various colours.

The tank’s design addresses one of the major reasons why you don’t see jellyfish desktop tanks or widespread jellyfish tanks in general: The little globs of biological matter would get sucked into traditional tank filtration systems. This tank addresses that with its circular design and the living rocks at the bottom, which shield the little guys and keep them centered in the middle of the tank.

$350 gets you on the waiting list, with Jelly Fish art promising final units shipping a few months after September 12. [Kickstarter via Jellyfish Art via Uncrate]

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