Is This A Real Video Of Android On TouchPad?

The TouchPad stories just keep coming and coming this week. Sure, there's an open source Android TouchPad project, but it looks like HP may have got there first — or did it? Check out the video after the jump.

Liliputing reports on a HP TouchPad that arrived with a difference. A big, green, Android shaped difference. They're skeptical about the whole thing, noting that it's promised to be delivered to the Android porting community shortly to prove its validity — which presumably means we'll find out sooner rather than later if it's the real thing.

Personally, there's a heck of a lot about this video that screams "fake" to me — just a few too many wobbles away from the screen, and it's never terribly clear if the hand in shot is actually touching the screen or not. But if it is real, then Android on TouchPad could be exceptionally close to actually happening. [Liliputing]

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