Is Howard Stern Responsible For BitTorrent Super 8 Release?

As many of you know, it's not uncommon for recent cinema releases to show up on torrent sites. What's unusual here is that the watermark of the high-quality torrent Super 8 appears to point the finger at US satellite radio shock jock, Howard Stern.

Screenshots of the torrented movie show that a watermark of "H. Stern" appears in the top right, and below that the words "Paramount Pictures" are visible. Whether Howard Stern himself is responsible for the leak, it's not looking good for The Howard Stern Show at the very least, with a source telling the WSJ that the DVD was sent to the show for review purposes, and it "somehow" wound up on torrent sites shortly after.

However it was leaked, producer Steven Spielberg and director JJ Abrams are sure to be pissed, as the movie isn't due for DVD release until fall. It's now spread like wildfire, with many mirrored copies available for downloading. [TorrentFreak and WSJ]


    Surprising, especially since the Wolverine leak, Stern has always been pretty tough on piracy and likened it to theft on the Jackman interview. I doubt it was him who leaked it, more likely a Sirius employee.

    I doubt it was him.

    There's nothing "High-Quality" about the Super8 DVD Rip torrent. It's barely R5 quality.

      I agree. An x264 encode from a Blu-ray source with a VBR of 10,000-15,000+ is High-Quality. This is not.

    c'mon guys, heads out of asses for a minute. they mean high quality compared the shitty cam jobs of movies that end up flooding torrent sites before the DVD release.

    They'd have to have an upload trail to show Sterny did it himself ie: getting internet uL/dL info and all the ISPN and blahdy-blah to trace it.
    My bet is on some dude in the media room who swiped it or copied it even and released from another computer.
    Watermarking the copy would probs just be a way to identify stern's copy from other recipients who also got a copy of the film for publicity and advertising purposes.

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