In-Game Purchases, Fast Async For Xbox Live Games Come To WP7

Whether you've been holding out for a Windows Phone, or already own one, Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming announcements from the Gamescom show today should rock your world by approximately 0.0005 of a degree: there are 14 new games on the way!

Unfortunately the new games are probably the high point from a rather lacklustre announcement — the new features include wearable rewards for your avatars; purchasable items in games, beginning with Beards & Beaks; parent controls so you don't end up with one of those Smurfberries-style incidents on your hands, and Fast Async which "improves gameplay for multiplayer, turn-by-turn (or asynchronous Windows Phone games," according to the Windows Team Blog dudes.

Of those 14 new games, Bug Village sounds like a fun Animal Crossing-style title and Farm Frenzy 2 a FarmVille rip-off; Chickens Can't Fly sounds really addictive, and Kinectimals Mobile is sure to be the must-have download which you will inevitably feel guilty about ignoring a few weeks later, a la Nintendogs. [Windows Team Blog]

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