Your Fake Google+ Account Is About To Be Suspended

Your Fake Google+ Account Is About To Be Suspended

Google doesn’t want you using weird nicknames. Or fake names. Or the name of somebody else. And if you don’t comply to their policy on this, they’ll suspend your account next week.

Google+ product manager Saurabh Sharma dropped a video note today (see above), says that if your name doesn’t comply with the official Google+ naming policy, you have four days (starting with today), to fix your profile. How do you know if your name complies? Here’s how:

• Use your full first and last name in a single language.

If you use your full name, you’ll be able to connect with people you know and help them find you. Names that consist primarily of initials or those that include indications of membership in professional, educational, societal or religious entities, such as “Dr.”, “Rev.” or “JD” are not allowed in the first or last name fields. Names that include more than one language script aren’t allowed either.

Violation examples: Doctor Stan Livingston, Bill Smithwick DDS, Rev. Jim Copley, 蔡玉娴 Archer, S. P.

• Put nicknames or pseudonyms in the Other Names field.

If you’re referred to by more than one name, only use the one that commonly identifies you, and place the rest in the “Other names” or “Nickname” section of your profile.

Violation examples: Timothy “TK” King, Jonathan Richards (JonnyBoy), PunkRockerSF

• Avoid unusual characters in your name.

When you create your profile, our system will check the name you submitted for unusual characters. For example, numbers, symbols, and obscure punctuation are not supported.

Violation Example: John246 , ★★Shelley★★, [email protected] [email protected]$ON, ‘Rachel Smith/

•Your profile and name must represent one individual.

Google+ does not support profiles for couples or groups of people. Additionally, you cannot create a profile for a non-person entity such as a pet or business.

Violation examples: Jones Family, Jeremy & Mel Mason, Vegas the Dog, Brooklyn Bagels, Northern California Conservation Society

• Don’t use the name of another individual.

Impersonation is a serious issue. Pretending to be someone else could cause your profile to be deleted. If someone is pretending to be you, go to their profile and click Report this profile.

Consider yourself informed. [Google via VentureBeat]