I Hope Temporary Teeth Tattoos Never Become Popular Here

Trend hunters in Japan say the island nation's latest fad is for people to stick temporary tattoos to their teeth. If these pics are any indication, it looks as if someone's teeth are falling apart.

You might argue that it would make sense when you got a closer look at someone's grill. But how often do you examine the teeth of a friend, let alone some random stranger? And though they wear off in a few days, the idea of repeatedly gluing something to the front of my teeth just doesn't seem right. [JapanTrends via Newlaunches]


    Meh,.. no worse than some of the crap homeboys in the US put on their teeth, cept maybe that they use a lot of gold! Having said that though, I'm with you Adrian,... I really hope this is just a flash in the pan!! #]

    Fingers crossed there's some poison in the tatoos that'll teach them all not to be idiots. With a dose of stomache movements and diahrea.

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