HTC Bootloader Unlocking Tool Now Available, But Aussies Still Waiting

HTC is finally getting on with their promise to unlock bootloaders — their HTCdev website now has a step-by-step guide for three devices, but Aussie HTC handset owners will have to wait a bit longer.

HTC says that due to their Australian handsets not having the latest software update, users still have a few weeks to wait before they can unlock them and start thinking about custom ROMS and UIs. There's no pegged date as to when that software update will arrive here.

I decided to try the HTC Sensation EU unlocking process on my Telstra-branded Sensation review unit anyway, and after spending hours downloading and installing the required software and dev tools, I was slapped with a bootloader error at the command prompt. Let me tell you now, it's a long and time-consuming process — you have to really want to unlock your bootloader to unlock your bootloader.

The good news I can give you now, however, is that all future HTC devices will ship with an unlocked bootloader. The HTC representative I spoke to did stop to ask me if I really thought that many users were interested in unlocking bootloaders, to which I replied that if anyone is going to be interested in unlocking bootloaders, it would be HTC Sensation users. If that many people weren't interested, then why bother developing a tool to let users unlock them? What do you guys think? [HTCdev]

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