Here's What It Looks Like When You Scan A Cat

They say that if you truly love something, you press it up against a flatbed scanner and share it online. A lot of people must love their cats, because The Cat Scan exists. It's as great as it sounds.

The furry oeuvre is magnificent — a blur of tails, anuses, delicate paws, and, if there were sound, probably a lot of anxious hissing. Is this art? Torture? Some fetish? I call it adoration. The cat is a sublime beast, and it ought to be preserved in the highest resolution possible.

It appears, however, that the site's creators are getting bored with the formulaic submission so far, and have offered their own suggestions for innovation:

Scans of cats licking food directly off the scanner glass

Scans of cats chasing around a laser pointer you're shining into the scanner

... any other wacky cat+scanner ideas you have (that aren't animal cruelty, of course)

That second one sounds like it would simultaneously blind you, the cat, and break the scanner, but I'd still be very interested in seeing the results. [The Cat Scan via Laughing Squid]

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